We’re a full-service research consultancy. This means we’ll complete your research projects from start to finish. We design the research, recruit the sample, collect the data, write the report and discuss the findings with you at your convenience. We even iron your shirts (not).

Over the years, we’ve used many methods and researched many topics. These are some of our faves – and where we have the most experience!

  • Online methods. We’ve been using methods at the cutting edge of online research, e.g. online surveys and online communities. We like them because they allow us to gather insights that traditional methods would not.
  • Qualitative interviewing. We’ve interviewed a range of people, from CEOs to teachers. We believe that the key is to make the interviewee feel special, and to probe abundantly.
  • Qualitative data analysis. We use a software package called ‘NVivo’. Many universities use it to deliver high-quality analysis. We use it to ensure that insights are neither overlooked nor misleading. (Did we mention our obsession with quality?)
  • Statistical analysis. We use MS Excel, as well as an advanced coding environment called ‘R’. We can create simple tables, but we can also build complex algorithms and linear models. The world is your oyster!
  • Higher education. We’ve all worked in this sector, and researched it for clients. This means we can use your resources more efficiently, because we understand the issues and the stakeholders.
  • International education and qualifications. We also have a good understanding of how primary and secondary education work across the world.
  • Homelessness, housing and social care. Not only have we conducted research on these issues, but we care deeply about them.

If the services you’re looking for aren’t on this list, just get in touch. Tell us what you want, how you want it, and when. We’ll take time to really understand what you need, and we’ll work hard to make it happen.